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— T E L E _ T R U S T, Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat, (network) (TELE_TRUST is a networked performance between the Banff New Media Institute, Canada, Aotearoa Digital Arts Network, Dundee, New Zealand and De Bailie, Amsterdam, Netherlands.)

szépművészeti 1.

szépművészeti 2.

szépművészeti 3. Ráday:

szépművészeti 4. Rieder:

szépművészeti 5. Tervjavaslatok versenye:

— utazó rajziskola

— Or Ettlinger: The Virtual Space Theory. An Alternative Theory of the Pictorial Image. Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana (Chapter One: Art, Illusion, and Architecture, Chapter Two: A Window to Another World, Chapter Three: Devices of Illusion, Chapter Four: The Contextography of Virtual Space, Chapter Five: Enter Computer, Chapter Six: Virtual Architecture., Designer Jeroen Joosse devised an interactive installation for the façade De Balie, centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam. The Oracle Machine consists of a five screen window projection, which can be seen daily, starting from January 20th – after sunset – from the Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen and the Leidseplein on the windows De Balie.

The Oracle Machine displays a continuous stream of statements and opinions about social, political, and cultural issues. These texts do not originate from journalists, editors, writers and other specialists, but come directly out of the virtual public domain of the internet.

Current affairs and debates determine the issues, but it is possible for everyone to interrupt the stream and send in an issue via SMS, to (temporarily) control the façade of De Balie.

The explosion of opinions on weblogs, fora and other places on the net, and the increased accessibility of this information, would suggest a booming climate for public debate and individual opinion- making. However, the fragmentation is considerable, and so is indifference. The Oracle Machine visualises this cacophony.

— Erhardt Miklós, Havanna, miskolci kortárs művészeti intézet, 2010/3/4-2010//410, zoom videóterem

— Kovács Budha Tamás, Tábori András, vízum panoptikum, 2010/3/4-2010/4/11, m.ica

— Kortárs Művészeti Intézet – Dunaújváros,

— ezek, Eperjesi Ágnes, 2010/3/4-2010/3/21,

— Haroon Mirza: anthemoessa, mother’s tankstation,, dublin, 2010/2/24-2010/3/27

— ‘Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media’,

To mark the occasion, The Green Box in Berlin has published two new volumes of material from the CRUMB archives: ‘A Brief History of Curating New Media Art: Conversations with Curators’ and ‘A Brief History of Working with New Media Art: Conversations with Artists’

— Greusslich Contemporary, berlin,

— Papp Tibor életmű, 2010/2/26-2010/4/23, a22 galéria,

— mudam collection,, luxemburg