— The Moderns: The Arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s  www.imma.ie

Foreword – Enrique Juncosa; Irish Modernism: The Early Decades – Robert O’Byrne; The Yeats Family and Modernism in Ireland – Bruce Arnold; Peripheral Visions: Rethinking Irish Modernism – Luke Gibbons; The Moderns: The 1950s – Aidan Dunne; The Gaze is a Thing: Beckett’s ‘Film’ and Bram van Velde – David Lloyd; Modernism and Beyond: The 1960s and ’70s – Christina Kennedy; Seeing and Time: James Coleman’s ‘Pheasant’ – Luke Gibbons; Mirrors of Memory: Ireland, Photography and the Modern – Luke Gibbons; The Conditions of Architectural Modernism in Ireland, 1900–1970: Between Aspiration and Production – Ellen Rowley; Swimming with sharks, going our own sweet way: Poetry, Modernism and Film in Ireland – Theo Dorgan; Modern Music in Ireland – Brian Cass

— Call for applications to Master of Arts programme in Design Practice, Critical Art Practice, and Visual & Critical Studies

School of Art, Design & Printing. Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland ma-adp.blogspot.com/

— e-flux journal issue no. 26 “Artistic Thinking” e-flux.com/journal/issue/26

— To join Time/Bank, please go to www.e-flux.com/timebank

Unlike Us: Understanding Social Media Monopolies and their Alternatives

Invitation to join the network (a series of events, reader, workshops, online debates, campaigns etc.)

Concept: Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures/HvA, Amsterdam) and Korinna Patelis (Cyprus University of Technology, Lemasol) List info:http://listcultures.org/mailman/listinfo/unlike-us_listcultures.org, nstitute of Network Cultures

CREATE-IT/Hogeschool van Amsterdam www.networkcultures.org

— “The first interview with Jake Harries, took place on one of Furtherfield’s Radio broadcasts on Resonance FM, earlier this March 2011. Fascinated by the historical context that came out of the radio discussion, we asked Jake for a second interview, this time it took place via email.” Marc Garrett. http://www.furtherfield.org/features/interviews/free-and-open-all-interview-jake-harries


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