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Deadline: 5 September 2011

Exchange Radical Moments! Live Art Festival


The GO11 Award is a €500 prize for the best examples of re-using existing objects and areas of the city for a new purpose.

Contest Deadline: 5 September 2011, More information: go.11moments.org

BIDOUN 25  www.bidoun.org

Art and Culture from the Middle East

— kép: Elene Rakviashvili, “Where You Belong,” 2010.

Installation.  The Journey to the East

5 August–30 September 2011, Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, Mickiewicza 2, Bialystok, Poland

Installations in city space www.galeria-arsenal.pl

continent. issue 2 continentcontinent.cc

Created as an extension of the people and work of the European Graduate School, continent. exists as a platform for thinking through media. text, image, video, sound and new forms of publishing online are presented as reflections on and challenges to contemporary conditions in politics, media studies, art, film and philosophical thought., Saas Fee, Switzerland

2HB Volume 10 & 11 (Three Dollops of Ketchup)

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow www.cca-glasgow.com

2HB Volumes 10 & 11 will be available from Saturday 30 July 2011 from: Aye-Aye Books (www.aye-ayebooks.com), Dexter Sinister (www.dextersinister.org), Motto (www.mottodistribution.com)

Video Data Bank website (www.vdb.org)


— The Moderns: The Arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s  www.imma.ie

Foreword – Enrique Juncosa; Irish Modernism: The Early Decades – Robert O’Byrne; The Yeats Family and Modernism in Ireland – Bruce Arnold; Peripheral Visions: Rethinking Irish Modernism – Luke Gibbons; The Moderns: The 1950s – Aidan Dunne; The Gaze is a Thing: Beckett’s ‘Film’ and Bram van Velde – David Lloyd; Modernism and Beyond: The 1960s and ’70s – Christina Kennedy; Seeing and Time: James Coleman’s ‘Pheasant’ – Luke Gibbons; Mirrors of Memory: Ireland, Photography and the Modern – Luke Gibbons; The Conditions of Architectural Modernism in Ireland, 1900–1970: Between Aspiration and Production – Ellen Rowley; Swimming with sharks, going our own sweet way: Poetry, Modernism and Film in Ireland – Theo Dorgan; Modern Music in Ireland – Brian Cass

— Call for applications to Master of Arts programme in Design Practice, Critical Art Practice, and Visual & Critical Studies

School of Art, Design & Printing. Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland ma-adp.blogspot.com/

— e-flux journal issue no. 26 “Artistic Thinking” e-flux.com/journal/issue/26

— To join Time/Bank, please go to www.e-flux.com/timebank

Unlike Us: Understanding Social Media Monopolies and their Alternatives

Invitation to join the network (a series of events, reader, workshops, online debates, campaigns etc.)

Concept: Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures/HvA, Amsterdam) and Korinna Patelis (Cyprus University of Technology, Lemasol) List info:http://listcultures.org/mailman/listinfo/unlike-us_listcultures.org, nstitute of Network Cultures

CREATE-IT/Hogeschool van Amsterdam www.networkcultures.org

— “The first interview with Jake Harries, took place on one of Furtherfield’s Radio broadcasts on Resonance FM, earlier this March 2011. Fascinated by the historical context that came out of the radio discussion, we asked Jake for a second interview, this time it took place via email.” Marc Garrett. http://www.furtherfield.org/features/interviews/free-and-open-all-interview-jake-harries


— http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/weblog/2008/01/30/out-now-mycreativity-reader/

The MyCreativity Reader is a collection of critical research into the creative industries.

The reader presents academic research alongside activist reports that aim to dismantle the buzz-machine.


— (Eurozine: Network of European Cultural Journals and Netmagazine, http://www.eurozine.com)

independent / alternative / non-commercial sector Culture Action Europe (http://www.cultureactioneurope.org/

Stendhal: Egotista emlékezések, 1832. Fordította Somogyi P. L., Szekeres Gy. Budapest: Magyar Helikon, 1969

Csuang Csou, A szabad kóborlás (róla Tőkei Ferenc: Kínai filozófia.Ókor I-III. 1962-67. II.kötet/57.old)

Goethe: Shakespeare és se vége, se hossza! 1813 Johann Wolfgang GOETHE: Shakespeare és se vége, se hossza! In: Irodalmi és művészeti írások. Budapest, 1985.

— Az ember rendeltetése, 1800 Fichte, Johann Gottlieb: Az ember rendeltetése. Budapest. 1976. Magyar Helikon

— Bevezetés a metafizikába, 1903

Thomas Mann: Hajóúton Don Quijoteval 1934

Antonio Gramsci: Börtönjegyzetek, 1926-37 ?

Karl Jaspers: Bevezetés a filozófiába, 1950

Merleau-Ponty: Az észlelés fenomenológiája, 1945

Miguel de Unamuno: A tragikus életérzés, 1912

— Hegel: A szellem filozófiája 1817

Schopenauer: A világ mint akarat és képzet, 1818

Bergson: Metafizikai értekezések

Martin Buber: Én és Te. ford Bíró Dániel, Európa 1991, Bp


ECO, Umberto: Tükrökről. (ford. Bene Sándor) In: Café Bábel, 1995. (5. évf.) 18. sz. 19-32. o. URL: http://www.cafebabel.hu/szamok/tukor/eco

ECO, Umberto: Kant és a kacsacsőrű emlős. (ford. Gál Judit) Budapest: Európa, 1999

erről PERNECZKY Géza: Umberto Eco a tükörben, URL: http://www.c3.hu/%7Eperneczky/articles/00-tukor.html

GREGORY, Richard: Mirrors in Mind. W.H. Freeman, New York, 1996

HARTLAUB, Gustav Friedrich: Zauber des Spiegels: Geschichte und Bedeutung des Spiegels in der Kunst. Piper and Co. München 1951

KACUNKO, Slavko: Mirror. Medium. Art. On the History of Mirror in the Age of Image. 2009/2010. In German: Spiegel. Medium. Kunst. Zur Geschichte des Spiegels im Zeitalter des Bildes (Paderborn / Munich 2010) URL: http://www.slavkokacunko.com,

rövid leírás: http://www.slavkokacunko.com/Mirror-Medium-Art-On-the-History.131.0.html





volume 28 (July 2011) Biopolitics

KT press www.ktpress.co.uk Volume 28 (July 2011) Biopolitics

What is a feminist take on biopolitics? Several routes through the maze of definitions presented by both terms – feminism(s) and biopolitics – are suggested in this volume about contemporary women artists’ practices. Biology + politics? Human bodies, female bodies? Material feminism(s) and feminist materialisms? Art approaching scientific and political issues, art as scientific experiments?

—- BLOCKBUSTER: Cinema for Exhibitions

June 23–September 25, 2011 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO), México, www.marco.org.mx

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Bani Abidi, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Ziad Antar, Manon de Boer, Bruce Conner, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Keren Cytter, Tacita Dean, Stan Douglas, Omer Fast, Luke Fowler, Yang Fudong, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Douglas Gordon, Rodney Graham, Pierre Huyghe, Runa Islam, Daria Martin, Steve McQueen, Valérie Mréjen, Anri Sala

—– West of Rome Public Art 

www.trespassparade.org West of Rome Public Art, Pasadena, California 91101

Neon Universe Neon Workshops, www.neonworkshops.com

— we will open soon this month , one of the cellsbutton#05 2011 program

HONFablab    http://honfablab.org/ we open for ideas, concepts, n collaborations from all of us 🙂

venzha, the house of natural fiber, yogyakarta new media art laboratory (HONF), Indonesia, URL : http://www.natural-fiber.com

— The Blog can be found at: http://blog.tacticalmediafiles.net

The Tactical Media Files website can be found at: www.tacticalmediafiles.net

The Chancellor of the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) announces international

open call for the position of the director of the research institute Artyčok.TV

[international research, media and digital archive of contemporary art]. http://www.avu.cz/node/1063


Applications for the position are to be posted with all requested information by 15/08/2011

AN ART2102 Project
Edited by Ronni Kimm and Jesse Aron Green, www.art2102.org

— Call for participation: in/compatible.research

International PhD workshop and conference, organised by Digital Aesthetics Research Centre/Centre for Digital Urban Living, Aarhus University, in partnership with the transmediale festival for art and digital culture, and Universität der Künste, Berlin., November 16-18, 2011, Vilém Flusser Archive, Universität der Künste, Berlin.

Read the full thematic call at http://www.transmediale.de/festival/call-for-works) Proposals should be sent using the online form: http://www.transmediale.de/content/incompatibleresearch-call-participation

Deadline: Aug. 15, Acceptance: Sept. 15, For more information, go to http://darc.imv.au.dk/?page_id=2401

—- MaHKUzine #10, Summer 2011

MaHKUzine. Journal of Artistic Research, www.mahku.nl

MaHKUzine #10, Summer 2011: As the Academy Turns, http://www.artresearch.eu,

Download MaHKUzine #10: www.mahku.nl/research/mahkuzine10.html
Editorial board: Henk Slager (General Editor). Annette W. Balkema, Arjen Mulder (Editors).

—- Mocking the Arts Establishment? In Italy it can be an expensive ordeal.

Article by Roberta Buiani., http://www.furtherfield.org/features/articles/mocking-arts-establishment-italy-it-can-be-expensive-ordeal

— Vladimir Us, moldovai művészeti menedzser







online adás: http://periszkopradio.hu/periweb/

Flash Art – the first interactive Art Magazine on iPad

Get Flash Art app Now!
May – June Issue Free to download itunes.apple.com/it/app/flash-art-international/id440245895?mt=8


November 17-20 2011, Bergen, Norway, open CALL for PROJECTS, Deadline – august 15. 2011

Please use the online submit form at:, http://piksel.no/ocs, or send documentation material – preferably as a URL to online documentation with images/video to piksel11 (AT) piksel.no