Jaar said: “I believe an intellectual revolution has been going on for the past 20 or 30 years, but I also see an extraordinary gap between this intellectual revolution and the real world… Is this gap a symptom of the difficulty of apprehending this new knowledge, or is it in the interests of the status quo to keep it the way it is? Besides hundreds of books by and about Marx, you will find political theorists and philosophers like Zizek, Hall, Rancière, Butler, Laclau, Mouffe, Jameson, Bourdieu, Fanon etc. For me these writings offer us models of thinking the world. And that is what I try do as an artist—I create models of thinking. I view The Marx Lounge as a space of resistance, or as David Harvey would call it, a space of hope.” (Art Monthly, January 2011).www.alfredojaar.net

Alfredo Jaar,The Marx Lounge, 17 April–5 June 2011,Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, www.smba.nl

— Josephine Bosma’s, Nettitudes, Let’s Talk Net Art, NAi Publishers, 2011, Amsterdam, http://www.naipublishers.nl/art/nettitudes_e.html

— Trevor Paglen,A Hidden Landscape, Aksioma, Ljubljanawww.aksioma.org

April 4 – 22, 2011, BROCHURE [.pdf] Download here


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