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— The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts is proud to announce the launch of the second site-specific project designed for its low cost, itinerant architecture: Here (2011), by the London-based artists duo Thomson & Craighead (http://thomson-craighead.net/). More infos: http://blog.theminimuseum.org/

— …ment is an online journal for contemporary culture, art and politics published in irregular intervals. Through a multi-disciplinary set of editorial forms, the journal aims to reflect on current societal issues and debates. www.journalment.org

himalayas art museum, shanghai, http://www.himalayasart.cn/En/

Digimag 62 – March 2011 http://www.digicult.it/digimag_eng/

“WHERE DO YOU STAND, COLLEAGUE?” www.textezurkunst.de


Eredeti és másolat/The Original and the Copy | Erdély Miklós, 2011. március 22.- 2011. április 22. | http://www.vintage.hu |1053 Budapest, V., Magyar u. 26.

Ritual Memories STYX Projects Berlin www.styx-projects.com

Indigórajzok | Erdély Miklós|2011. március 22. – 2011. április 15.|Budapest, V. Képíró utca 5. Kisterem

videoart from croatia, http://videochannel.newmediafest.org/2010/croatia-feature.html és http://www.msu.hr/#/en/13340/

— Egyszerű többség – Művészeti együttműködések bemutatása | 1000%, Asztaltársaság, Besorolás Alatt, Csoport , D1618 , Kitchen Budapest, LaciésBalázs , Plágium 2000, SZ.A.F., Szentirmai Tamás + Vági János + Szakács István, Szövetség , Tehnica Schweiz és Katarina Sevic, The Corporation, The Randomroutines, Újirány C 2011. március 25.- 2011. április 23. web | http://www.mucsarnok.hu/new_site/index.php?lang=hu&t=569&curmenu=201&kovetkezo_collapse=0

Reconsidering the Historiography of the Historical Avant-Garde(s): April 8, 2011 The PhD Program in Art History at the CUNY Graduate Center, New York http://www.reconsideringhistoriography.org/

Petrányi Zsolt: KKK – Kézikönyv kezdő kurátoroknak

Pablo Helguera: Stílus a kortárs művészetben (Elmegyakorlat 07, Műcsarnok könyvek, 2011)


The Freaknet Medialab is the southern Medialab of Europe and one of the earliest existing, established in 1997, see http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Freaknet

— http://dyne.org online atelier

digitalarti blog http://bit.ly/eudMiu

— The programme of the Courtisane Festival 2011 (March 30 – April 3, Gent – Belgium) is now online: www.courtisane.be

Border Crossings magazine visit: www.bordercrossingsmag.com

Louise Bourgeois The Return of the Repressed 19 March–19 June 2011Fundación ProaBuenos Aires, www.proa.org Louise Bourgeois, “Arch of Hysteria,” 1993. Bronze, polished patina, hanging piece, 83.8 x 101.6 x 58.4 cm.* CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ART+CULTURE, Broadsheet Volume 40.1, March 2011 Available online: www.cacsa.org.au

— Studio Visit: Dennis Oppenheim, NewArtTV.com www.newarttv.com/Dennis+Oppenheim

Hasselblad Foundation Göteborg, www.hasselbladfoundation.org

Time/Store is an extension of Time/Bank, a platform through which groups and individuals in the art community can trade time and skills, bypassing money as a measure of value. When members of Time/Bank help each other with a task, they earn hour credits convertible to Hour Notes accepted by a growing network of art institutions including Witte de With, Casco, BAK and others.

— A Vidokle kód és a Budapest teszt a Fenesztrában! http://fenesztra.blog.hu/?rnd=548

— Flux Factory, new york

újkutya http://mkkp.hu/wordpress/


— “Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments” Conference Monday to Tuesday, March 21st to 22nd, 2011 in Bremen, Germany

The ‘Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments’ Conference builds on a series of mobile learning research symposia hosted by the WLE Centre for Excellence at the Institute of Education, University of London between 2007 and 2009. It will focus on the challenges of developing new pedagogic approaches and on the potential of mobile devices for learning in formal and informal contexts. As mobile learning is not only about learning with mobile technologies, but also considered to be “new” learning, the conference will look at challenges for research and practice in understanding the changing social and technological structures allowing the use of technology for learning that are present in our personal lives, in school and in work places. Thus mobile learning crosses the boundary of institutional learning and looks at practical fields like work-based learning and medicine, too. Also, the conference will look at the latest developments in hardware and software which can support personalised learning. By focusing on theory and practice, development and use, teaching and learning, formal and informal contexts, the conference intends to offer spaces for researchers, practitioners, developers, the industry and policy makers to exchange ideas, experiences and research around issues and approaches to mobile learning, including sociological and educational issues and their effectiveness and desirability as learning spaces as well as the design of environments. http://bremen.londonmobilelearning.net

Schoolboy Daze. Nightingale’s Playground http://www.furtherfield.org/articles/schoolboy-daze-nightingales-playground

Edward Picot reviews Andy Campbell’s four-part digital mystery-story, “Nightingale’s Playground”, which appeared online last year. “Campbell has always been at pains not to place his text in front of his images, or beneath them or to one side, like labels on tanks at the zoo or explanatory plaques next to pictures in a gallery; instead he puts his words inside his graphical environments, sometimes hidden or partially-hidden inside them, so that we have to explore to read. It pulls us in, and it makes his work inherently immersive and interactive… His central characters are often living in a reality with two layers: the “ordinary” everyday world which is mean, dull, shoddy and constricting, but relatively safe; and an inner or underlying reality which can only be glimpsed rather than viewed as a whole, possibly because it is so dangerous and frightening – a reality which emerges fitfully via dreams, games, imaginings and doodles.” This article is co-published by The Hyperliterature Exchange (http://hyperex.co.uk/) and Furtherfield.org.

e-flux journal Issue no. 23

e-flux.com/journal Inspired by Tomas Saraceno’s installation Galaxies Forming along Filaments, Like Droplets along the Strands of a Spider’s Web (2008), Bruno Latour looks at the topology of the sphere as an alternative to that of the network. Whereas networks are able to articulate cursory and diffuse forms of connectivity in the midst of an infinite expanse, the sphere can be seen as pointing the advantages of networks to another technology by which local, fragile, and complex “atmospheric conditions” can gain a formof resilience by way of a container within a broader network. How can we then apply the same logic to a means of “recomposing” disciplinary divides in a way that sustains a common vocabulary, yet overcomes established hierarchies? (see full essay here) In her response to Paul Chan and Sven Lütticken’s last issue of e-flux journal, Idiot Wind, Lívia Páldi reports on the situation in Hungary, where the incumbent Fidesz Party government has, together with the right-wing press, organized a smear campaign against a group of prominent philosophers. Seen as part of a broader push to withdraw support for public education and the arts, such moves presumably clear the way for the advancement of, in the words of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a “fine, noble, and refined elite.” (see full essay here)

STORIES WITHOUT BOUNDARIES BUT FULL OF LIES In conversation with Les Liens Invisibles

http://cont3xt.net/blog/?p=4325 és






textz!!!!!! http://ftp.fortunaty.net/com/textz/

—  “FluxRadio”, a podcast curated by Joe Gilmore and Rhiannon Silver

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/s


Transcript: http://bit.ly/i5l3jT

“FluxRadio” explores some of the concepts and ideas behind the music and performance pratice of Fluxus. Featuring sound pieces by George Maciunas, La Monte Young, Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, George Brecht, Yoko Ono and others, the programme charts the emergence of Fluxus through 60s avant-garde New York, examining the relationship to John Cage, Zen Buddhism and European avant-garde music.

Anxieties of Social Networking: An interview with Liz Filardi. By Taina Bucher.


Liz Filardi is a New York City-based performance artist who often works in public space. She was recently awarded a Turbulence (http://turbulence.org) Commission for a networked performance piece called I’m Not Stalking You; I’m Socializing, exploring the anxieties of social networking in three modules. “Status Grabber,” the first module, is a satirical online service that extends the status update phenomenon to participation over the telephone. “Black & White,” the second module, is a Facebook-like website, consisting of two interlinked profiles, that tells the story behind one of the original cases of criminal stalking in America. “Facetbook,” the final module, is a performance piece in which the artist compiles a series of archives of her live Facebook profile to illustrate the tension of online identity– between the facade of a profile and the more telling story of how the profile changes over time. The interview was conducted by Taina Bucher, PhD fellow in the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo, Norway. Bucher and Filardi met in Greenwich Village, New York City in May, 2010.

— kép: Sam Taylor-Wood, “Escape Artist (Green and Red),” 2010.

Light jet digital c-type on Fuji Crystal archive paper, 56.5 x 82 cm. Edition of 175. Counter Editions publishes new Sam Taylor-Wood edition www.countereditions.com/escape-artist


— Link: http://j.mp/f4vv4Q, MP3: http://bit.ly/g0iRJe Ariella Azoulay, a senior lecturer in the Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies program at Bar-Ilian university in Israel, is also the author of numerous publications, including “Death’s Showcase: The Power of Image in Contemporary Democracy” and “Once Upon A Time: Photography Following  Walter Benjamin”. Her work examines the relationships between photography, citizenship, power and civil responsibility within disaster contexts. Son(i)a talks to Ariella Azoulay about these issues and their links to the recent revolution in Egypt. More at: http://rwm.macba.cat/

— REFF book Virtual Entity will be displayed for the first time as an installation at Furtherfield Gallery in London. http://www.furtherfield.org/exhibitions/reff-remix-world-reinvent-reality Virtual Entity Tryptic featuring Virtual Entity Alpha: – – url support – – mac install – – web application – – realtime fluxus visualisation Fur

therfield Gallery (formerly HTTP) Unit A2 Arena Design Centre, 71, Ashfield Road, London N4 1NY Private View from 6.30 Friday 25th February  – 26th March 2011 The Net will never be the same! http://virtualentity.org

— Lynn Hershman Leeson’s seminal documentary !WOMEN ART REVOLUTION

A Secret History to screen at The Museum of Modern Art Thursday, March 3, 6:30 p.m. Introduction by Gloria Steinem The Museum of Modern Art www.moma.org

!Women Art Revolution (!W.A.R.) charts the evolution of the Feminist Art Movement in America from the 1960s to the present, illuminating how this multi-faceted and under-explored movement—which some claim to be the most significant one of the late 20th century—radically transformed the art and culture of our times. Armed with a borrowed camera, Hershman Leeson began interviewing fellow artists in her living room, in Berkeley, California, as early as 1966. Through conversations, art, and rarely-seen archival footage, visionary artists, curators and critics present an int

imate portrayal of their fight to break down the barriers facing women both in the art world and society at large. The countless groundbreaking figures starring in it include Marcia Tucker, Nancy Spero, Silvia Sleigh, Carolee Schneemann, Miriam Schapiro, B. Ruby Rich, Yvonne Rainer, Yoko Ono, Miranda July, The Guerrilla Girls, Judy Chicago and many others. !W.A.R. has the rare honor to screen at Berlin, Sundance and Toronto Festivals. It will have its theatrical premiere at New York City’s IFC Center on June 3, 2011. !W.A.R. is a Zeitgeist Films Release. For more information: www.womenartrevolution.com For future screenings: www.zeitgeistfilms.com

— Nicola Costantino 5 March–15 May 2011 Hubertus Exhibitions Zurich

www.hubertus-exhibitions.ch Nicola Costantino, “Soccer Ball,”1999. Daros Latinamerica Collection, Zürich.

Photo by Peter Schälchli, Zürich. Images can be downloaded from our new website. www.daros-latinamerica.net

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) by the Society for Artistic Research www.jar-online.net The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is a new international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal for the identification, publication and dissemination of artistic research and its methodologies. With the aim of displaying and documenting practice in a manner that respects the artist’s modes of presentation, JAR abandons the traditional journal article format and offers its contributors a dynamic online canvas where text can be woven together with image, audio and video material. The result is a journal which provides a unique ‘reading’ experience while fulfilling the expectations of scholarly dissemination.

PUBLIC launches new archive, website, and issue www.publicjournal.ca

PUBLIC launches an archive of its 20+ years of publication. Issues long out of print (Utopia; Touch; Cities/Scenes; Eating Things) are finally available, as are those published as recently as 2009. Included are articles by Alain Badiou, Jean Baudrillard, Simon Critchley, Vilem Flusser, Vera Frenkel, Bettina Funcke, Elizabeth Grosz, Kaja Silverman, Bernard Stiegler, Allen S. Weiss, and many others. All issues will be made available in the archive two years after publication. Free and open to all.

—  “THE MALADY OF WRITING. Modernism You Can Dance To”, a podcast by Kenneth Goldsmith Link: http://bit.ly/evpby0 Related info: http://bit.ly/aW3935 MP3: http://bit.ly/bYieIX Transcript: http://bit.ly/feGu9k

— New addition to the “Demonic Disturbances” series 2007-2011 http://www.nictoglobe.com/new/revolve/revolve.php

— Turbulence Commission: “This and that thought.” by BFFA3AE http://turbulence.org/works/BFFA3AE


— új bejegyzések a fenesztrán: http://fenesztra.blog.hu/?rnd=548