—  Sea of Marble: A Navigational Convergence by xurban collective in
collaboration with Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture
An exhibition project by xurban_collective
5 November — 26 December 2010, Tophane, Istanbul
About xurban_collective

xurban_collective is an international art collective founded in 2000 by Guven Incirlioglu (Izmir) and Hakan Topal (New York) as a transatlantic collaboration. Members include Mahir Yavuz (Linz) and Atif Akin (Istanbul). xurban_collective’s mission is to instigate the questioning, examination, and discussion of contemporary politics, theory, and ideology, utilizing documentary research and take the form of media projects, installations and texts. The collective focuses specifically on areas of regional conflicts, military spatial confinement, urban segregation, nationalist and neo-liberal exclusion
strategies. www.xurban.net
Nýlistasafnið, the living art museum, reykjavik,http://www.nylo.is/
Elmgreen & Dragset. Celebrity – The One & The Many 7 November 2010
– 27 March 2011 Autumn 2011: ARoS | Aarhus Kunstmuseum
ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art Karlsruhe, Germany
— Manifest Dynasty : Media Arts in China 彰显的王朝:新媒体艺术在中国
Melinda Rackham and Edward Sanderson
Edward Sanderson 李蔼德
Writer, cultural producer at CPU:PRO Beijing, China
Aaajiao (Xu Wenkai)
Artist and producer, We need Money not Art, Dorkbot, CornerSound, Beijing
Rececca  Catching,
Director and curator, OV Gallery, Shanghai
Alvis Choi ,
Project Coordinator, Videotage, Hong Kong
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald
Scholar of Film, Media, and the Politics of Visual Culture in China,
RMIT, Melbourne
Isaac Leung
Artist, curator and researcher on art, technology and sexuality, Hong Kong
Ellen Pau
Filmmaker, media artist and curator, Founder of Videotage, Hong Kong
Robin Peckham
Writer and curator, Society for Experimental Cultural Production, Kowloon
Li Zhenhua
Multi-media artist, curator and producer, Laboratory Art, Beijing/Zurich
Michael Yuen
Media Artist, DICA; DreamWorlds Producer Beijing/Melbourne
— a video on A.I. and Robot Art http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21c2zj9fw04
rókatárgy pnl http://dia.pool.pim.hu/html/muvek/PARTI/parti00545/parti00568/parti00568.html
Kritikos V.7 September-October-2010 Yeats, U2 and Imaginative Experience…(j.bisz)
— www.e-flux.com/timebank
— Az ACAX | Nemzetközi Kortárs Képzőművészeti Iroda
, Check in Budapest
Zoë Gray a rotterdami Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art kurátora. Zoë Gray előadásában saját kurátori gyakorlatáról, valamint a Witte de With kortárs művészeti intézetről beszél, elsősorban a Marcel Duchamp díjas Saâdane Afif 2008-as Technical Specifications és Cosima von Bonin jelenleg is látható egyéni kiállítására fókuszálva. Időpont: 2010. november 4. (csütörtök) 18.00 Helyszín: LudwigInzert (1085 Budapest, József krt. 70, a József körút és a Nap utca sarkán) http://www.acax.hu/program_/Check_in_Budapest
— www.brodypaetau.com/recent-works/critical-encounter
MediaArtHistories out as educational edition (paperback)
MediaArtHistories (MIT Press) edited by Oliver GRAU now out as a paperback educational edition, ISBN 978-0-262-51498-9 Leading scholars take a wider view of new media, placing it in the context of art history and acknowledging the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach collaboration in new media art studies and practice. www.mediaarthistory.org/pub/mediaarthistories.html
— τουμαραθωνίου marathonproject,http://www.societerealiste.net
— http://www.filmladen.de/dokfest/katalog/ 27. Kasseler Dokfest /
9. bis 14. November / Informationen und Anmeldung unter: <http://www.interfiction.org
the scandal of notre dame http://www.larevuedesressources.org/spip.php?article1769
e-flux www.e-flux.com/journal Issue #19 October 2010
In “Marx After Duchamp, or The Artist’s Two Bodies,” Boris Groys begins with Duchamp’s readymade as the thing that liberated the artist from the manual labor of producing art objects by hand. However, it seems that the artist liberated from having to produce objects is now placed in the position of having to maintain entire museums to present his or her non-objects. And it should come as no surprise that the shift in the location of work away from the handmade object to, say, pure idea, has paralleled the proletarization and exploitation of intellectual and artistic labor—with or without objects or bodies. (see full essay here: http://e-flux.com/journal/view/178)
dérive No. 40/41 – Understanding Stadtforschung
dérive – Verein fuer Stadtforschung www.derive.at
dérive – Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung has been published quarterly in Vienna since Summer 2000 and is an interdisciplinary platform focusing on urban research. dérive juxtaposes the domains of sociology and architecture, architecture and art, art and politics, politics and geography, geography and urban planning, urban planning and philosophy, philosophy and economics and vice versa. The magazine covers a broad spectrum of subjects and each edition focuses on a particular theme, which is explored by experts from a number of perspectives. Besides the main topic dérive also contains presentations of urban projects, town portraits, interviews, a history of urbanity, a review section and artists’ inserts by different artists.
— http://www.mediacityproject.org/2010


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