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cosmoscow www.cosmoscow.com

— e-flux is pleased to announce the release of Boris Groys’ Going Public, the third in an ongoing series of books published by e-flux journal with Sternberg Press. Other titles from e-flux journal: What Is Contemporary Art?e-flux journal reader 2009

accidental coincidences http://www.guelman.ru/plagiarism/eng/index.html

METROPOLIS M (NL/EN) No. 5, 2010 www.metropolism.com/english, Manifesta 8 opens in Murcia

ACAF, one of the three collectives of curators that are responsible for the current edition of Manifesta, talk about their share in the show in Murcia (Spain).

formatlabor http://www.formatlabor.net/blog/

Current themes are: research on and developement of new formats, media theory, discoursive art, collaboration, media activism, hyperstructures and performance.

— As the Academy Turns, Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art www.artresearch.eu

Evzen Simera: Zero Gravity paintings, Kressling Gallery, www.gallerykressling.sk

— Las Yeguas del Apocalipsis. “The Two Fridas” (detail), 1990.

Performance-installation (3 hours) and staged photograph, 160 x 150 cm.

Galería Bucci, Santiago. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Collection, Santiago de Chile.

www.puro-chile.cl, www.copiareleden.com, Recent Art in Chile in Asia ,Today Art Museum (Beijing) and Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) October 23rd and 25th, 2010

theyesmen help us keep chevron’s campaign on the kids! http://theyesmen.org/blog/help-us-keep-chevrons-campaign-on-the-skids

The Telekommunist Manifesto from Dmytri Kleiner is out now!  the pdf here: http://networkcultures.org/_uploads/#3notebook_telekommunist.pdf

— Angelology: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, 23 October 2010 – 16 January 2011 The Model, home of The Niland Collection, The Mall, Sligo, Ireland www.themodel.ie

— Outline for new cultures, revista Urbania 4urbania4.org/english

carrot http://carrot-csoport.blogspot.com/


reboot.fm 88vier free cultural radio from Berlin! www.reboot.fm

MARTHA ROSLER. AS IF 24 October 2010 – 30 January 2011 GAM-Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Turin, Italy www.gamtorino.it

— AZ ISMERETLEN ISMERŐS – ESCHER KÁROLY ÉLETMŰ KIÁLLÍTÁS http://maimano.hu 2010. október 21.- 2010. december 12.

— Interview with Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom Part 2. Marc Da Costa interviews the ever dynamic Johannes Grenzfurthner, founder of monochrom. http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=411

— the Drop Shadow Talks continue and will present JODI‘s latest works. Enter the shade–at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule: Nov 2 JODI Thumbing & FolkSomy.vj http://thumbing.org/http://folksomy.net/http://dropshadowtalks.com/

MACHFELD | conceptual media art [Sabine Maier | Michael Mastrototaro] www.machfeld.net


coniglioviola http://www.coniglioviola.com/en/

The ARPANET Dialogues

http://www.arpanetdialogues.net/ The ARPANET Dialogues is a project by Bassam El Baroni, Jeremy Beaudry and Nav Haq. Vol. I in the series is presented in conjunction with OVERSCORE, a multipart project developed by ACAF (Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum) for Manifesta 8.
THE ‘ONE IDEA, ONE RESULT’ METHOD In conversation with the Amsterdam-based artist Jan Robert Leegte http://cont3xt.net/blog/?p=3533



“Yes, I killed him. I killed him for money — and a woman — and I didn’t get the money and I didn’t get the woman.”

(Billy Wilder: Double Indemnity, 1944, via voicesfromanemptycinema)

Norbert Elias: A civilizáció folyamata, 2004 Budapest, Gondolat ISBN: 963-9500-02-X (http://www.filozofia.bme.hu/~zemplen/KULT/ELIAS.htm)

— A németekről : hatalmi harcok és a habitus fejlődése a tizenkilencedik-huszadik században, 2002, Budapest, Helikon ISBN: 963-208-798-4

— A haldoklók magányossága / Norbert Elias ; [ford. Glavina Zsuzsa] ; [Polcz Alaine előszavával], 2000, Budapest, Helikon ISBN: 963-208-675-9

Videoart from Croatia – http://videochannel.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=1122

Francis Alÿs, A Story of Deception, 9 October 2010 – 30 January 2011, WIELS, Brussels, www.wiels.org


aviva http://star–track.blogspot.com/

Deleuze, and (Which) Politics? Stevphen Shukaitis, From Culture Machine (http://www.culturemachine.net)

— Networks and Sociability in East European Art, SocialEast Seminar 2010 oct 23, 9-6 pm, Courtauld Institute of Art London, www.socialeast.org

Basquiat, 15 October 2010 – 30 January 2011 Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris www.mam.paris.fr

— Of Animals and Monsters, SICK 80s. The AIDS Crisis, Art and Counter-biopolitical Guerrilla, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) www.macba.cat kép Fortune Clofullia, 1853. (Missouri History Museum)

RE:akt! www.reakt.org Rotovž Exhibition Salon, Maribor Art Gallery Trg Leona Štuklja 2, Maribor, Slovenia 21 October – 19 November 2010 publ www.reakt.org/book

No More Drama, Rőda Sten, www.rodasten.com, SEJLA KAMERIC October 9 – November 21, 2010 kép Glück © Sejla Kameric (2010)

wooloopick, vote! http://www.wooloo.org/wooloopick


Plutonian Striptease VI: Marc Garrett. Plutonian Striptease is a series of interviews with experts, owners, users, fans and haters of social media, to map the different views on this topic, outside the existing discussions surrounding privacy.


viktor freso http://www.viktorfreso.com/ és


— http://www.softborders.art.br/festival/ Soft Borders is the 4th Upgrade! International Network Conference and Festival; previous editions of the conference happened in New York (USA), Oklahoma City (USA) and Skopje (Macedonia).

e-flux journal, Issue #19 October 2010 e-flux.com/journal benne: In “Marx After Duchamp, or The Artist’s Two Bodies,” Boris Groys begins with Duchamp’s readymade as the thing that liberated the artist from the manual labor of producing art objects by hand. However, it seems that the artist liberated from having to produce objects is now placed in the position of having to maintain entire museums to present his or her non-objects. And it should come as no surprise that the shift in the location of work away from the handmade object to, say, pure idea, has paralleled the proletarization and exploitation of intellectual and artistic labor—with or without objects or bodies. (see full essay here)

Magnus Larsson <http://www.magnuslarsson.com/

Monte Rosa <http://www.neuemonterosahuette.ch/

Rites without Myths,,, Said Atabekov, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, Yelena Voroboyeva and Viktor Vorobyev, Lin Yilin, Artur Zmijewski, Until 30 October 2010 Impronte Contemporary Art, Milan, www.impronteart.com

kép: Yelena Vorobyeva & Viktor Vorobyev, “Winter sublimable object,” light box, 2004. 75 x 50 cm.


— On Horizons: Art and Political Imagination, the second in the series of FORMER WEST Research Congresses, takes place on 4–6 November 2010 at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul. www.formerwest.org

kuckei kuckei berlin http://www.kuckei-kuckei.de/

Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks 2011: http://artshumanities.netsci2011.net
Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks 2010: http://artshumanities.netsci2010.net
Dept. Art+Design: http://www.art.neu.edu
Leonardo: http://www.leonardo.info
NetSci2010: http://www.netsci2010.net


modern art oxford http://www.modernartoxford.org.uk/

Contemporary Istanbul (CI) The New Art Destination www.contemporaryistanbul.com 2010/11/25-28

frieze Issue 134: frieze.com

Itsuo Sakane 80 http://www.leonardo.info/rolodex/sakane.itsuo.html

Evžen Šimera, Zero Gravity, 04. 10. 2010 – 11. 11. 2010 www.gallerykressling.sk, Bratislava

—  documents d’artistes http://www.documentsdartistes.org/index.php

Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility, www.skor.nl , Amsterdam

— Kürti Emese: Dezorientáljuk a csapatokat, St.Auby Tamás kiállítása Karlsruheben, 1. http://exindex.hu/index.php?l=hu&page=3&id=773

manifesta 8 http://www.manifesta8.com/manifesta/manifesta8.inicio

— róla a flashartonline no 274-ben www.flashartonline.com

EBRU ÖZSEÇEN http://www.ebruozsecen.com/corset.html

Is Curator an Artist, is Contemporary Art Exhibition an Art-work? International Syposium: Exhibition as the Artistic Medium, Curator of Contemporary Art as the Artist. The Changing Statuses of the Exhibition and the Curator in the Field of Contemporary Art. Association Igor Zabel for Culture and Theory www.igorzabelassociation.org/

Rirkrit Tiravanija, is there a revolution?, Bétonsalon drii.ensad.fr

V2_Newsletter October 2010 www.v2.nl

mea culpa, philippe pasqua

— Biennial Arts Le Havre 2010 : from comics to contemporary art A.B.A.C.H. from October 1 to 31 www.artslehavre.com

Carlos Amorales: Vertical Earthquake at Annet Gelink Gallery 4 September – 16 October 2010 Amsterdam, www.annetgelink.nl

Time/Bank, e-flux is pleased to launch Time/Bank: a platform initiated by Julieta Aranda & Anton Vidokle, where groups and individuals can pool and trade time and skills, bypassing money as a measure of value. Time/Bank is based on the premise that everyone in the field of culture has something to contribute and that it is possible to develop and sustain an alternative economy by connecting existing needs with unacknowledged resources. www.e-flux.com/timebank

Dan Graham, Krabbesholm Chill Out Pavilion, 2-15 October 2010 www.krabbesholm.dk -“Architects are increasingly interested in the aestetic fascination of Dan Graham’s mirroring pavilion walls. However, Dan Graham does not function simply as an architect. He uses mirroring walls rather as the surgeon uses his scalpel, to reveal the psychological and perceptive structures of our social behavior.” —Jacques Herzog, Herzog & de Meuron Architects, Basel

ATTILA CSÖRGŐ : ARCHIMEDEAN POINT, mudam 09.10.2010 – 23.01.2011

Le travail d’Attila Csörgő explore les territoires contigus de l’art et de la science. Il effectue des expériences grâce à des dispositifs de sa propre création, minutieusement réglés. Ses œuvres attestent autant d’un esprit espiègle et plein d’humour que philosophique. En savoir plus

The work of Attila Csörgő explores the adjoining territories of art and science. He makes experiments with carefully engineered and meticulously adjusted devices of his own design. His works attest to a mindset that is playful and humorous, as well as philosophical. Find out more