Aurora Picture Show www.aurorapictureshow.org

The Aurora Award is an honor given to an artist who has exhibited extraordinary originality in the fields of media and multimedia art. Past Aurora honorees were Doug Aitken (2009), Steina and Woody Vasulka (2007), Miranda July (2006). Isaac Julien (2005), Ant Farm (2004), Laurie Anderson (2003), William Wegman (2002), and Tony Oursler (2001). Christian Marclay (2010) is a London-based visual artist and composer whose innovative work explores the juxtaposition between sound recording, photography, video and film.

tiny noise http://tinynoise.tk/

tiny noise is a nomadic, open concept, audio art platform conceived by Toni [skopje] and Kyd [montreal] in february 2005. it started spontaneously as a d.i.y. experiment in forming an independent network by using global communication tools, personal contacts and experiences. the idea of tiny noise is to make a group activity out of sharing and exploring experimental, provocative and adventurous music and sound projects. tiny noise remains open to many sound/music forms, especially those enriched by other medias and looks to collaborate with other open projects. (Kyd Campbell, Toni Dimitrov)

James Turrell at Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels, 10 September – 21 October 2010 www.alminerech.com

MAP #23 out now! MAP – Journeys in Contemporary Art www.mapmagazine.co.uk

e-flux Issue #18 September 2010 e-flux.com/journal

itt: How can the multitude constitute a singularity, asks Antonio Negri in Hans Ulrich Obrist’s conversation with the philosopher. How can the wild, dangerous creativity that exists in the metropolis be harnessed to mobilize people? How does “all that rationalist art” represent the link between Surrealism and Fordization? And how can we rediscover the common as a space of resistance? (see full essay here)

IOCOSE www.iocose.org

IOCOSE has been working in Italy and Europe since 2006. It organises actions in order to subvert ideologies, practices and processes of identification and production of meanings. It uses pranks and hoaxes as tactical means, as joyful and sound tools. IOCOSE thinks about the streets, Internet and word of mouth as a battlefield. Tactics such as mimesis and trickery are used to lead and delude the audience into a semantic pitfall. “Mystery Activist Video HTTP Gallery, London Open 05 -14 November 2010”

CRAZYCURATORS BIENNALE III, SPACE, Bratislava, www.crazycurators.org

Memory Loops, 300 Audio Tracks on Sites of NS Terror in Munich 1933–1945, www.memoryloops.net

Memory Loops is an audio artwork based on transcriptions of historical and recent material from victims of National Socialism and contemporary witnesses, from which Michaela Melián has created collages of voices and music, thematically linked to the topography of National Socialism in Munich. Five of these audio tracks are one-hour Memory Loops related to sites within the city of Munich and with a focus on different subjects.

Zerography wor(l)d of “anticensors” http://www.webbiennial.org/zero.html


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