Netwerk / center for contemporary art www.netwerk-art.be

The Creative Time Summit: Revolutions In Public Practice 2 October 9-10, 2010 creativetime.org

TATE ETC. Issue 20 Visiting and Revisiting Art, etcetera www.tate.org.uk/tateetc

itt: David Campany: Moving With The Times http://www.tate.org.uk/tateetc/issue20/campanymuybridge.htm

és Carol Yinghua Lu: The Artist as Activist: http://www.tate.org.uk/tateetc/issue20/aiweiwei.htm

kép: Ai Weiwei Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Logo 1994

camera galactica http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cixa/camera-galactica

ART MOSCOW – 14th International Art Fair  22 – 26 September 2010 ART MOSCOW www.art-moscow.ru/971.html

texte zur kunst September 2010 / Issue No. 79, www.textezurkunst.de

“LIFE AT WORK” This issue of “Texte zur Kunst” bears the programmatic title “Life at Work”. Admittedly, this means to take up quite a bit, for at issue is nothing less than revaluating a theoretical and historical relation that has determined the history of modern and contemporary art like almost no other: Since “around 1800”, the forms of art have been ascribed a quasi-organic life of their own. An important trend in modern aesthetics sought to evoke liveliness, with the aim of offering resistance to the commodified world of capitalism itself. But how does this problematic pose itself today? Is a critical reference to “life” in art and beyond at all possible after theories of biopolitics have insistently argued that capitalism has permeated all areas of life?

— “The Division of Labor in Society” by Emile Durkheim http://aaaaarg.org/text/17221/division-labor-society

classic structural-functionalist account of the labour process and community

— “Claude Chabrol” by Guy Austin http://aaaaarg.org/text/17254/claude-chabrol Monography on the famous French director (1930-2010).

— “request: Rosalind Krauss – Sense and Sensibility: Reflections on Post ’60s Sculpture” (“Artforum”, Nov. 1973)”



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