FLATPACK full talk from March 2009 from jim le fevre on Vimeo.

via http://jimlefevre.com

sonic theory http://sonictheory.com/ “The status of sonic strategies, methods and discourse in the soft and hard sciences and as well in the creative arts is to be discussed within the scope of a network of knowledge exchange and transfer between theoreticians and practitioners. How do scientific research,  cultural critic discourses and aesthetic reflexions approach sound – or to be precise: “the sonic”? Sound, with its existential relation to time becomes relevant as an acoustic, thus physical category as well as a culturally formed and intentionally configured phenomenon.”

Why Artists do Doctoral Studies, in METROPOLIS M No. 4, 2010 http://www.metropolism.com/english

BuSho – 6th Budapest International Short Film Festival -1-5 September 2010 – http://www.busho.hu

— landscapes of errors, Yann Le Guennec, http://www.yannleguennec.com/elements/en/elevation-du-niveau-de-la-mer-1

Chto delat? (What is to be done?), The Urgent Need to Struggle, ICA London, Institute of Contemporary Arts, www.ica.org.uk/chtodelat


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